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Conquistador Hernan Cortez
Conquistador Hernan Cortes

Queen Isabella
Queen Isabella

Treasures of the Americas Exhibit by
Archaeological Discovery Ventures

In 1992, Archaeological Discovery Ventures, LLC discovered and began recovery of the Cortes Shipwreck in international waters off the coast of Florida. The ship wreck yielded chests of emeralds, jewelry from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, and a host of Aztec and Mayan relics and artifacts including ceremonial jade masks, ceremonial knives and tools, gold statues and icons, and the crystal skulls once used by Montezuma to rule over 30 million people. Also included was the famed 964-carat Isabella Emerald, the largest known gem crystal emerald.

True to its mission and philosophy, ADVL has never sold a single artifact or relic from the shipwreck. All of the unique treasures that once belonged to the Spanish Conquistador, Hernan Cortes, have been kept whole as a single collection. This unbelievable collection has never been exhibited to the public. In fact, the only person to have ever viewed the collection to any degree was the Queen's Mother by request of Lady Middleton shortly after an article about the discovery appeared in the London Times.

It is ADVL's proud pleasure to now offer the world the truly unique opportunity to share in this amazing collection through the exhibit that will be known as The Treasures of the Americas .

The exhibit will likely be created in South Florida and will feature a number of unique structural and interactive elements. We believe that this unique exhibit will create a paradigm-shifting focus in the exhibit and museum arenas. Created as a destination exhibit, the complex will truly be a vacation within itself, encompassing elements of Orlando theme parks, Hollywood movies and special effects, and of course, the greatest treasure ever found - according to the media.

Our goal is to create a truly unusual atmosphere where visitors are literally immersed in a world of centuries past. Period costumes, sets, villages, and even an authentic port will all help in making the visitor feel like he or she has truly been transported back in time. Imagine being present at the meeting of Cortes and Montezuma in 1519, with all the fanfare and regalia.

Authentic throne rooms and the Temple of Judgement where Montezuma made the decisions that affected the lives of his subjects. Experience the true crystal skulls and the Emerald of Judgement (Isabella Emerald) as Montezuma uses them to communicate with his Gods. All of this and more will be available along with a full display of the treasures and artifacts recovered from this incredible shipwreck.

Please note that investors will NOT receive portions of the collection as profit or upside for their participation. A separate business plan has been created that supports not only the creation, operation, and management of the facilities, but also provides opportunities for income streams from traveling exhibits, concessions, souvenirs, gift shops, special events, and more.

Given the staggering returns generated by such traditional, no-touch exhibits like the King Tut Exhibit and the Titanic Exhibit, returns for a destination treasure experience are expected to provide investors with long-term returns.

For more information, please contact our Chief Financial Officer, Dr. Branon A. Edwards. Confidentiality and non-compete agreements will be required before disseminating business plans, concepts, and/or projections.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and interest. We look forward to working with you.

Dr. Branon A. Edwards
Chief Financial Officer & Dive Team Leader  
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The 964-Carat Isabella Emerald
Isabella Emerald


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