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Archaeological and Shipwreck Research and Location, Treasure Salvage, and Historical Preservation.

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Meet Our Team at
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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our team/family here at ADVL. Please note that while names of our various team members are provided herein, All Communications should be directed to our CFO, Dr. Branon A. Edwards. Thank you for your courtesy in honoring this request.

Dr. Victor Benilous on the Front Cover of TIME Magazine
Dr. Benilous on the Front Cover
of TIME Magazine

Dr. Victor P. Benilous
At the helm since its inception and credited with finding the Oldest Wreck in the Western Hemisphere, Dr. Benilous founded and continues to lead the Archaeological Discovery Ventures team. He is also Chancellor of The Palm Beach Theological Seminary College .

He is an active member of his community and is an ardent art collector. A well-known Palm Beach business man, Dr. Benilous has owned The Ambrosia Restaurant for over 30 years, a favorite among locals and tourists alike having been voted 'Best Pizza in Palm Beach County" for over a decade and voted "Best Restaurant in Palm Beach County" in 2010. Ambrosia is also known as "The Art Gallery Restaurant" because of its extensive art collection, but is presently leased to its long-time manager.


Sue Benilous
Constant companion, advisor, and business partner to Dr. Benilous in every way, Sue is an accomplished researcher and speaks numerous languages. She worked as Research Assistant for many years for Dr. Peter Throckmorton, the Father of Underwater Archaeology. Sue is instrumental in planning and researching our various projects and is known for her intuitive contributions to all aspects of the team and its operations.

Dr. Branon A. Edwards, CFO and Dive Team Leader for Archaeological Discovery Ventures
Dr. Edwards with the Isabella Emerald from an Interview with IAIR Magazine

Dr. Branon A. Edwards
Chief Financial Officer/Dive Team Leader
Dr. Edwards wears many hats within our operations. In addition to his financial role as Chief Financial Officer for ADVL, he is also our Dive Team Leader. His true passions are art collecting, sailing, and scuba diving. He has been diving since age 9 and received his first PADI certification at age 13. He is a certified Divemaster, a competitive spearfisherman, and has logged thousands of dives. Dr. Edwards is also Acquisitions Director for The Palm Beach Theological Seminary College. Dr. Edwards has worked in a variety of industries from Fortune 500 companies to local and international non-profit organizations.
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Dr. Henry Burbano
Staff Archaeologist


Dr. Christopher Kulik
Staff Archaeologist


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