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Archaeological Discovery Ventures

Archaeological Discovery Ventures, LLC
Archaeological and Shipwreck Research and Location, Treasure Salvage, and Historical Preservation.

Past Projects:
Ambrosia Shipwreck

Mussolini Diamonds

Cortes Shipwreck
Upcoming Projects:

Treasures of the Americas Exhibit

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Just a Few Images
from the Cortes Shipwreck

Isabella Emerald 964-carat Emerald of Judgement
Isabella Emerald


Diver Moving Treasure Chest
Diver Raising a Treasure Chest

Hernan Cortes Signet Ring
The Personal Signet Ring of
Conquistador Hernan Cortes
Proving the Shipwreck's
Identity and Provenance

Archaeological Discovery Ventures

Archaeological Discovery Ventures, LLC is involved in the research, location, recovery, and preservation of shipwreck treasure, artifacts, and other historical items. We presently have projects both in the ocean, in the mountains, and in the desert - both involve extreme conditions and require exceptional equipment.

The various equipment involved in these types of operations varies greatly and the associated technology changes frequently. ADVL is very interested in providing service providers, institutions of higher learning, and equipment manufacturers with an opportunity to sponsor general or specific aspects of our businesses.

Please note that while a number of Sponsorship Opportunities are specifically mentioned below for reference, please feel free to contact us should you feel that we or our crew would benefit from your product or service.

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Association with ADVL, which has a stellar and untarnished reputation in and out of the treasure industry
  • Name/Brand Recognition
    • ADVL Website
    • Local, Regional, National, and International Press Releases
    • Our Cortes Shipwreck was featured on:
      • Front Cover of TIME Magazine
      • Front Cover of USA Today
      • Gallimard Magazine
      • Sources Magazine
      • Compass Magazine
      • Various International Publications
      • Associated Press carried the story in articles around the world
      • We were featured on radio and television talk-shows around the world
  • Product Placement
    • Promotional Materials
    • Crew Photographs
    • Documentary Films
    • Feature Films
    • Interviews
  • Investor/Donor/Sponsor Newsletters
  • VIP Invitations to Events and Exhibits
  • Private Exhibit Tours and Personal Showings with Our Chairman


Present/Upcoming Operations Located In:

  • Florida
  • North Carolina
  • Caribbean
  • Southwestern USA
  • Mexico
  • Peru


Current and Ongoing Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • UltraLight Aircraft (Site recon - over mountains, desert, and ocean)
  • Chase Boat(s) (Center Console or Cuddy Cabin 25-30 Feet)
  • Inflatible Boat(s)
  • Outboard Motors (kickers and primary power)
  • Mother Ship (Large Yacht with Radar and Accommodations for Crew)
  • Submersibles and Remote Operation Vehicles
  • Side-Scan Sonar Equipment
  • Magnetometer Equipment
  • Ground Pentrating Radar Equipment
  • Marine Electronics
    • GPS / Chart Plotters
    • GPS / Hand-Held (waterproof and rugged)
    • Bottom Profiler
    • Depth Sounder
    • 25+ Mile Radar
    • VHF Radio
    • Submersible Hand-Held Diver Locator Beacons
  • Scuba Diving Equipment (recreational and tech)
    • High Quality Buoyancy Compensation Devices (BCDs)
    • Steel Scuba Tanks/Cylinders (Nitrox)
    • Regulators and Gauges
    • Dive Computers
    • Wetsuits/Drysuits
    • Masks, Fins, Snorkels
    • Rebreather Equipment/Training
    • General Gear (Gloves, Straps, Reels, Lift Bags, etc)
  • Underwater Scooters (Small for excavation and large for transport)
  • Digital Photography Equipment
    • Underwater Still and Video Cameras
    • Rugged Extreme Use Still and Video Cameras (Suitable for Desert Use)
  • Custom Metal Fabrication
  • Marine Mechanic Maintenance
  • Marine Electronic Maintenance
  • Repelling, Hiking, and Climbing Gear
  • Archaeological Equipment and Supplies
  • Computers (MAC and PC)
    • High-Powered Desktops
    • Rugged High-Powered Laptops
    • Tablets
  • Crew Accommodations (See above locations)
  • Crew Transportation
  • Crew Clothing and Exposure Gear
  • Aircraft
    • Passenger Plane (6-8 passengers)
    • Passenger/Cargo Helicopter (6-8 passengers, gear, additional lift for recovery)


Tax-Deductible Donations Currently Sought for Our 501-C-3 Non-Profit

  • Artwork by Listed and Important Artists
  • Vehicles (Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Motorcycles)
  • Vessels (Boats, Watercraft)
  • Aircraft
  • Cash
  • Stock
  • Bonds
  • Precious Metals

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