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Archaeological Discovery Ventures, LLC
Archaeological and Shipwreck Research and Location, Treasure Salvage, and Historical Preservation.

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Philosophy of
Archaeological Discovery Ventures

To research, locate, and recover historic artifacts and treasures
that have been lost through the passage of time.

We are unlike just about every other shipwreck or treasure salvage operation in the world. Our goal is NOT to find and sell fine treasures from days of old. Instead, we feel that history is precious in its own right and should preserved and shared with everyone, not just a select few who have the financial ability to make a winning auction bid.

We have never sold relics or artifacts from any of our recoveries. We have, on occasion, sold non-artifact items such as loose gemstones and unmarked gold and silver conglomerates to continue funding our operations. This is a simple necessity of business.

Early on, we did sell shipwreck emeralds from the Cortes Shipwreck including some custom jewelry that was created from loose gems and unmarked gold from the wreck. However, none of the Aztec and Mayan artifacts; gold statues or religious icons; 15th, 16th, and 17th Century jewelry or personal items; crystal skulls; jade ceremonial masks and skulls; or the famed 964-carat Isabella Emerald have ever been offered for sale.

We have considered the possibility of a buy/donate scenario where a collector could acquire ownership of select priceless items. However, these items would come with the firm, irrevocable caveat that they would be donated back to the exhibit at appropriate intervals. Of course, the owner/donor would maintain name recognition and ownership throughout the process, but they MUST be made available for the exhibit.

Our ultimate goal is to present the treasure, in its entirety, as an archaeological exhibit to be shared with and enjoyed by the public and the archaeological, historical, and scientific communities. Keeping a one-of-a-kind artifact in a private vault might provide some comfort and pleasure for the owner, but we feel the true value and calling of the piece is in the exhibition and sharing to promote understanding of the eras, history, and the people that are associated with that artifact. Only through experiencing history in a meaningful and direct way can we hope to understand from whence we've come and where we might one day expand our horizons.

We invite you to peruse our website and those of our various other organizations. Should you have an interest in learning more about partnering with us on current or upcoming projects, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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