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The Mussolini Diamonds

In 1993, Archaeological Discovery Ventures was contacted by a retired Army Colonel who had served in Italy during World War II. He had been a commander during the allied invasion of Sicily. As it happened, a courier had arrived in Sicily from Tunisia the very day of the invasion. The courier was carrying one of the most incredible collections of perfect diamonds ever mined. The diamonds were destined to be delivered to Mussolini and were to be later presented to Hitler to create his crown as Emperor of Europe.

The details following his arrival were sketchy, but the Colonel had ended up with the diamonds, and the courier had died. The Colonel put the diamonds in a used ammunition box and buried the cache near an old farmhouse close to the top of a mountain. A half-century later, the Colonel's attempts to locate the stones on his own had been fruitless as the landscape had changed drastically since the war. After some convincing as to the legitimacy of his claims, he hired ADVL to research and recover the treasure.

After exhaustive research, ADVL was able to obtain copies of the original invasion maps that had been used by the military. Refreshing the Colonel's fading memory, the team was able to significantly narrow down the search area. In a covert operation, the team was able to devise a search and recovery plan. To aid in the search, the team created a new series of metal detectors capable of discriminating locate potential targets in the hard frozen ground.

Within four days of our team's arrival in Sicily, the cache of diamonds had been successfully recovered.

Sicily in Search of the Mussonlini Diamonds
Sicily - In Search of the Mussonlini Diamonds

Hill Over Sicily
Hill Overlooking Sicily

Ruins of an Old Landmark
Ruins of an Old Landmark

Metal Detector Created by ADVL
Using a Metal Detector the Team Created for This Project

Bunker Entry
Discovering a Hidden Bunker

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