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Archaeological Discovery Ventures

Archaeological Discovery Ventures, LLC
Archaeological and Shipwreck Research and Location, Treasure Salvage, and Historical Preservation.

Past Projects:
Ambrosia Shipwreck

Mussolini Diamonds

Cortes Shipwreck
Upcoming Projects:

Treasures of the Americas Exhibit

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Hernan Cortes Personal Signet Ring
The Original Personal Signet Ring of Conquistador Hernan Cortes
Recovered by ADVL in 1992

Archaeological Discovery Ventures

Archaeological Discovery Ventures, LLC is a private, Florida-based archaeological research, location, excavation, salvage and historical preservation firm. We have been in continuous operation since 1989 and are considered one of the most successful treasure salvage operations in the country.

We are extremely discerning as to which projects we pursue and with whom we do business. As such, we do not operate elaborate corporate offices and do not take unannounced meetings. If you are interested in speaking with us about a potential project, about becoming an investor or a sponsor, please contact our Chief Financial Officer, Dr. Branon A. Edwards .

While Dr. Benilous remains the President and CEO of ADVL, he does not accept direct phone calls, emails, or requests for meetings. All communications must be directed to Dr. Edwards.

Thank you for understanding that we are extremely busy. While we appreciate that there are plenty of people who love shipwrecks, treasure, and history as much as we do, we unfortunately cannot answer all requests, emails, and messages. Please understand that we spend as much time as possible researching our projects and recovering artifacts in archaeologically sound and environmentally friendly ways.

As time permits, we will certainly respond to legitimate, serious, and relevant requests, but please do not be offended if much time elapses between your first contact and our response. We are frequently at sea and on expedition and personally review all contacts. Needless to say, that often results in delays.

Thank you for your interest and your consideration.

--The Archaeological Discovery Ventures Team


Business Contact Information:
(Initial Contacts Preferred via Email, Please)

Dr. Branon A. Edwards
Chief Financial Officer & Dive Team Leader 
+786-417-4910 Phone
+786-524-5747 Fax

By Mail (No Office Hours)
Dr. Branon A. Edwards
Archaeological Discovery Ventures, LLC
C/O Ambrosia Restaurant
1603 S Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 USA

Archaeological Discovery Ventures, LLC
1603 S Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 USA
By Appointment Only, Please
+786-417-4910 Phone
+786-524-5747 Fax

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